What motivates Auctority?

We do not like following others blindly. Demonstrations of status and power, or calls for obedience in our eyes do not make for good leadership.

Nonetheless, there are people whom we follow. People who have superior knowledge, people who have character, and people with enormous creative power. In short, people who exude real authority.

We want to help these people be successful. That is what our work is about: bringing to the fore people with real authority by providing them with the necessary tools for professional communication, leadership and marketing.

Who is behind Auctority?

Auctority was founded by Randolf Jessl and Andreas Scheuermann, two experienced communication experts who think ahead.  Randolf and Andreas are eager to promote outstanding people, innovative ideas and bold new projects. They help their clients gain a reputation, promote their ideas and win followers.

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What is Auctority about?

We support the value chain of Publish.Speak.Connect.Lead.

Auctority positions people and their ideas. To do that, we provide our clients with a thorough analysis of the situation, define  strategies,  implement campaigns and monitor the outcome.

Auctority lifts knowledge and creates content – in traditional and in social media, through text, images, film and events. We always aim for substance and originality.

Auctority ensures that ideas and their promoters become visible, get followers and spread: in the media, on the internet, at events, or at gatherings of all kind.

Auctority provides skills to build your reputation. In companies, our aim is to create formats and an organizational culture that allows thought leaders to come to the fore.

For entrepreneurs. And for enterprises.

What does Auctority mean?

The Latin word auctor means originator, creator, founder, principal, model. In English, an authority is a person or institution that is being followed by many. Our goal is to provide our clients with both. Hence, we have come up with the word Auctority.

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