„Effective authority is not based on privilege, but on more knowledge, effort and energy.“

Cyril Northcote Parkinson (1909-93)

Auctority was founded by Randolf Jessl and Andreas Scheuermann and is based in Freiburg, Germany. Further locations are Wiesbaden and Brussels. We provide strategic leadership support for people, brands and organisations that want to make a difference.

A team of proven experts from various disciplines strengthens the founding duo depending on the task at hand. They are people who may do very different things, but all want the same thing: to make a difference. We want to support our clients in winning people over, making an impact and taking the lead.

We aim to deliver excellent communication, effective leadership and sustainable change impact – on the basis of well-founded methods, proven approaches and a practitioners’ eye for what really benefits the client.

Randolf Jessl

Randolf advises executives, experts and organisations on leadership and communication. His focus is on thought leadership, collective leadership, followership, strategy and conception. He follows and sets trends, refines methods, coaches in positioning and leadership issues, trains skills, designs and accompanies projects, programs and initiatives. His motto is: It’s all about substance. More about him after one click.

Andreas Scheuermann

Andreas specialises in strategic positioning and campaign management. He advises top executives and experts on their media presence and accompanies companies in their communication. He develops strategies, creates publicity, serves as a ghostwriter, designs events, builds networks, supports events, trains media competence and storytelling. His conviction is: authority matters. More about him after one click.

Our partners

Knowledge grows when it is shared. Impact increases when we join forces. New things emerge when different perspectives come together.
That is why at Auctority we like to work in a closely-knit network.

Sonja Wuertemberger

Dr Sonja Würtemberger

Sonja designs and accompanies change processes from a holistic perspective. Her spectrum ranges from analysis to change communication and from programme planning to event facilitation. Find out more about her by clicking on the links below.
Bettina Merkelbach

Bettina Merkelbach

Bettina conceives and creates content that is persuasive, for different media, in different formats, event-related, but always well-founded and appropriate for the respective target groups. Find out more about her by clicking on the links below.

Dr Walter Reimund

Walter designs, researches and accompanies our projects with quantitative and qualitative analysis, strategic framing and surveys. He writes studies and researches on specific topics, opinions, moods, the effects of communication actions and cause-effect relationships. Find out more about him by clicking on the links below.

Dr Thomas Wilhelm

Thomas coaches and trains managers, experts and groups on issues of persuasive communications and value-based leadership. He designs trainings and moderates workshops. Find out more about him by clicking on the links below.

Dr Christina Guthier

Christina advises on leadership development and stress management. She designs trainings and workshops. Her research focus is on burnout, motivation and appreciative leadership. Find out more about her by clicking on the links below.

Sabine Reissner

Sabine designs content and visual communication. She is an art director and experienced in crating sophisticated campaigns and publications. She deals with the entire spectrum of editorial, web, graphic and reporting design. Find out more about her by clicking on the links below.