Our portfolio

Auctority positions people and ideas. And preferably people with ideas.

Auctority supports people and organisations taking the lead and getting others to follow.

Auctority helps bring about change.

Auctority builds organizations, systems and programs that do just that.

We formulate the strategy and manage initiatives.

We advise, coach, guide and implement.

We think communication, leadership and change together.

We provide strategic leadership support.

Our services

Button Creating Conceps Strategies

Creating studies & analyses

Developing strategies & concepts

Positioning of people & topics

Monitoring of media outlets & trends

Button Creating Content Social Ties

Researching topics & networks

Conception of content of all types

Placement of articles and reports in media & at events

Support in network-building & event organisation

Button Creating Culture Skills

Persuasive leadership & communication

Dealing with media & people

Publishing, presenting & networking

Sustainable change & innovation

Button Creating Change Systems

Analyse & change cultures

Communicate & drive change

Ensure commitment & alignment

Set up & implement programmes

Our current focus