Andreas Scheuermann

Andreas is an experienced PR professional. He specialises in strategic positioning and campaign management. He has advised well-known personalities from the business, politics and the non-profit sectors more than 20 years.

Andreas conceives and realises publications and serves as a ghost writer. In addition, he plans and organises events, establishes networks and is a trainer for media competences and storytelling.

He is convinced that if you want to persuade other people to do or believe something, you can only achieve it on the basis of personal authority.

Before founding Auctority, Andreas worked for almost two decades as a consultant. More recently, he established the employer communications department at a well-known agency. He has published extensively on this subject. Before that, this graduate in public administration worked in political campaigning, association work and corporate communications.

Building networks is a formative part of his work. He is a member of several professional associations in communications and human resources. In addition, Andreas teaches human resources and marketing at a university in southern Germany and works as an expert on a DIN committee.

Andreas Scheuermann is married and has a daughter. He appreciates good food, the everyday culture of foreign countries, unconventional people and new experiences.