Randolf Jessl

Randolf is a social scientist, trained journalist, proven leader, executive coach and senior advisor. He works at the interface of persuasive communication and empathic people management. He bridges the gap between communication, personal and organisational development and practical leadership work. He works with individuals, groups and organisations.

Randolf advises entrepreneurs, senior business executives and professionals as well as teams on how to

  • make a name for oneself through expertise and personality,
  • win people over to one’s cause,
  • set the agenda and position oneself,
  • convey the right messages and good content,
  • establish and expand networks,
  • bring about change and provide new impetus,
  • build strongly performing teams and organisations, and, thanks to all this,
  • take and remain a leader within organisations and in the public domain.

In companies and organisations, Randolf conceives and accompanies programmes and initiatives that aim to

  • listen to those who need to be followed
  • the art of leading and following shapes the culture in the company,
  • change and new ideas become possible.

He positions people and ideas, departments and initiatives both within companies and with the outside world.

Before founding Auctority in 2017, Randolf was a business journalist at Axel Springer and corporate publisher at BurdaYukom. At the media, training and software company Haufe Group, he was editor-in-chief of a leading magazine for management, law and organisation for a decade, segment manager for specialist HR information and most recently a member of the executive board.

He teaches top executives in the “Developing Leadership” module of the CAS HR Value Creation certificate course at the Executive School Sankt Gallen University (Chair Professor Antoinette Weibel). He gives lectures and workshops on these topics, writes a highly regarded column on Leading and Following in the New World of Work for Haufe Online, and he is a juror for the German Journalism Award (djp) in the section Education and Work.

Randolf is married with three sons. He loves nature and exercise, which is why he lives at the foothills of the Black Forest. He is also a culture lover.