Introduction to Authority Marketing – The Personality Component

Introduction to Authority Marketing – The Personality Component

Introduction to Authority Marketing – The Personality Component 1222 687 Randolf Jessl

Authority Marketing is based upon the personality and expertise of a professional with ‘authority’. However, there are a number of prerequisites and requirements.

When we look at who has turned into a thought leader in recent years, we realize: It appears to be not for the faint-hearted to use the multitude of possibilities to publish, to network, and to act as keynote speaker.

Who are the new role models?

In the U.S. the levers of Authority Marketing turned these experts into authorities: Dan Schawbel (‘One of America’s leading authorities on the workplace’), Joe Pulizzi (Content Marketing Guru, publisher, event manager), Simon Sinek (Start with Why Evangelist, public speaker, consultant), Rand Fishkin (SEO and inbound marketing authority), Gary Vaynerchuk (Web Marketing Guru and founder of a media corporation).

In Germany people tend to be more cautious and conservative when it comes to positioning, self-marketing, and publicity. However, we would find numerous examples as well.

What makes role models successful?

All of them have effectively defined their subject matter’s niche, published assiduously, found their stage and audience, commanded influence and done business. However, what do people need to be acknowledged as thought leaders and authorities? The British author and organizational scientist Cyril Northcote Parkinson has defined three key ingredients back in the middle of the last century: more knowledge, effort, and energy.

However, a cornerstone of success may be your readiness to share your knowledge, to go out on the limb, and to continuously develop yourself and your subject matter. Also, the ability to stage-manage yourself and your knowledge play a major role in this game.

Without these traits your demonstration of expertise, ideas, and energy aligned with the smartest and most comprehensive public relations, event marketing and networking strategy will be just a leap in the dark.

Four common misunderstandings
  • Authority Marketing is not personality public relations or an ego booster. The thought leader’s ideas and knowledge are paramount.
  • Authority Marketing benefits from charisma and presence (online and offline). However, authenticity and superior knowledge are more important.
  • Authority Marketing is not completed by the mere distribution of lucid ideas and in-depth knowledge. In order to build credibility, to establish reputation and to turn readers and listeners into friends and followers, your expertise has to be consistently put to the test: by exploring a problem and offering useful and inspiring input for debate; by sharing knowledge and experience; by connecting key players and experts; by launching initiatives (projects, campaigns, events); and by influencing and retaining relevant target groups with new insight, concepts, and ideas.
  • Authority Marketing may benefit from functions, titles, and certificates. However, originality, substance, passion, and an authentic mix of personality, expertise, and mission are pivotal.

As content from knowledge and ideas is so important, we dedicate the next part to this key component.